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The costs are calculated as follows:

  • Design costs: 60 CHF/h. Depending on the complexity and availability of the 3D model, this can vary between 5 minutes and 5 hours. Above 5 hours, the design costs are complimentary.

  • Printing costs: 3.60 CHF/h. A small object ~5x5x5 cm requires about 2 hours while bigger objects may require much longer (hours to days).

  • Material costs: The cost of each material is listed here. As indication, a small object ~5x5x5 cm requires about 30 g of material which typically costs 1 CHF.

  • Packaging and delivery costs:

    • Fixed fee of 9 CHF for objects requiring no or little design.

    • Free for customized objects with extensive design.


  • The standard vertical resolution is 0.15 mm.
    A lower/higher vertical resolution is possible, the price is increased or decreased proportionally.

  • A provisional quote as well as various alternatives will be prepared for you, before starting the project.

  • If several identical copies are needed, the design and delivery costs apply only once.

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